Racing Look Yamaha Nouvo Z

on Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Short history of the Nouvo, Nouvo is the first motorcycle matic presence in Indonesia, there are two variants. the initial product and subsequent upgrades Nouvo labeled with Nouvo Z.the elder brother of Yamaha Mio
Nouvo Z, modifications at the start by changing the color of the smoke headlamp (black), my suggestion to buy the product variations without painting the original headlamp. "Cut" shock front by removing one bolt from the two bolts that clamp the shock front, in order to impress a motorcycle short "shallow" and elegant
replace the master disc product "Brembo", but my advice does not need to touch this part first.TDR gold rims 17 "front-and rear tires, for whatever brand you want to choose what brand, size 200 tires front and rear 215.
finishing, thin seat according to his wishes, buy spray paint. rear shock with paint color fan favorite and also the inside of the wind out.
CVT with colors without the sheen (doff) may be more pronounced flavor "Racing Look"


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